Family Medicine/Family Practice

What do these terms mean? A health care provider involved with this branch of medicine typically sees patients who range in age from newborn through the geriatric years.We can see men, women and children. We evaluate the patient’s problems or needs by history taking, physical examinations, ordering and interpreting diagnostic lab studies and imaging studies as well. We then develop a plan of treatment based on the diagnosis at hand. We can prescribe medications, physical therapy and other treatments as needed. Some family medicine practitioners also provide pre-natal care. If a patient has a complex medical problem or multiple health problems, we can consult with specialists or provide referral to specialists who might be more of an appropriate fit for the problems. Family medicine providers can deliver about 90% of all health care needs.This allows for more continuity of care for the patient and a better working relationship with their provider. Family medicine allows a health care professional to get to know the patient as a whole person, rather than just an organ system out of order. I love family medicine because of the variety of patients and challenges of seeing multiple health issues. I myself have extensive experience, interest and knowledge in women’s health care, reproductive care and preventive medicine. I also love taking care of little ones!