My Background

I went to PA school to become a skilled clinician after working as a medical assistant and health educator. I chose to take this path as I felt being a PA would allow me more time to spend one on one with patients and help educate them about their health. I also embraced the concept of having a collaborating physician to provide more of a team approach when needed. I still believe a team of health care professionals can be of great benefit to anyone seeking care as often “two heads are better than one”.

Physician Assistants come from all backgrounds within the health care field. Programs are two years in length and provide us with a firm foundation to practice medicine from. In all states, PAs are required to have a collaborative/supervisory relationship with a physician. This profession has been established for almost 40 years now and continues to grow. PAs are one of the backbones of providing primary care in this country and we are expanding globally to other countries.At this time, PAs are involved with every medical specialty and sub specialty in growing numbers.PAs in most states have to have national certification and we must continue to update our medical knowledge. We must achieve 100 hours of continuing education every 2 years and re-take our national boards every 6 years just as family medicine physicians must do.

I have worked mainly in Missoula, helping to take care of the people of my community. Opportunities for work have been at Planned Parenthood, private family practice, Partnership Health Center and Blue Mt. Clinic. I have absolutely loved being able to work in diverse settings, each place giving me more depth to the experience of being a health care provider. I have enjoyed the diversity of the populations I have worked with as well. It became apparent to me in 2009, that it was time for me to get more education in integrative care and that has come to me through the study of ayurvedic medicine. I attended school in California over a seven month time frame to study the foundations and basic practices of ayurveda. My teachers are all respected ayurvedic physicians who practice both in the U.S. and India. They are leaders in ayurvedic education in this country. Upon completion of this diploma course, I could no longer ignore the call to begin a new practice. The Red Willow Healing Center came along at just the right time to begin this exploration.

I am happy to be in my new practice and look forward to working with my patients daily. I love the challenges of helping people with their health care needs and gain great satisfaction from my interactions with people every day.